As much as we’re told we’re supposed to look up to today’s business leaders, the truth is they all needed help getting where they are today.

They may have good instincts, people skills and great vision, but a big part of their success comes from their efforts at creating an environment for everyone to do well. They surround themselves with winners so everyone wins.

This approach works well for big companies and for any sized company – it’s not always easy, especially if there’s a culture of every person for themselves. But trying to advocate for better teamwork and cohesion goes a long way in helping your company thrive. You don’t all have to be friends, but with a focus on getting along can boost everyone’s spirits, and productivity.

  • If you think about past employers you haven’t liked, a lack of communication in your office environment usually is high on the list of why you left. It’s easy for the top people to not share why decisions are made, and it’s also easy for the lower-level people to not share their suggestions. Good leaders look at how they talk to others and also how they listen to others. 
  • Letting team members know what they do is important is vital for their well-being as well as for your career advancement. Just about everyone wants to feel like their efforts help the company, no matter how big or small, so sincerely acknowledging this can lift their spirits and sometimes encourage them to take on more responsibilities. Compliments can be contagious – if one person starts they can easily pass them on in the office environment. Offering to help can also encourage them to do the same for you. 
  • Building skills. Some people may have been hired for certain roles and because they have certain skills. But over time, their duties have changed so they may need different ones. So look for ways to encourage them to keep on learning or growing more abilities to help the company in the future.  

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