Cultivating collaboration in the workplace is a wise idea: It can lead to more effective teams, better ideas, and smoother workflows. This post provides six tips you can use to plant the seeds of collaboration in a team setting.

Tip 1: Set Clear Goals

If you want employees to collaborate, it’s essential to give them clear goals to work toward. In fact, contributor Sherrie Campbell recommends setting team-wide goals and clearly highlighting each team member’s responsibilities. That way, everyone knows the expected standards for both themselves and the team.

Tip 2: Support a Collaborative Environment

For collaboration to succeed, people must feel comfortable sharing their ideas. That means providing spaces for team members to brainstorm and share ideas without judgment.

Tip 3: Build Cohesion

Try to build cohesion in teams by making each team member feel included and valued. Campbell suggests daily huddles in which team members share their goals for that day, which can prevent redundancy and competition.

Tip 4: Set Clear Communication Strategies

It is important that team members know the preferred channel of communication for their team. Consider focusing on one channel rather than having people try to communicate using multiple, scattered methods.

Tip 5: Use Visualization

Visualization can be an invaluable way to keep all of the members of a team on the same page. Consider using tools like sketches or presentation-focused meetings to help team members communicate their ideas visually.

Tip 6: Execute the Ideas

No matter what the team’s goals are, make sure your company supports their efforts and helps them execute their ideas. A team that does not feel supported may feel like they are wasting their time, but one that sees their ideas in action will feel motivated to keep up the great work.

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