As an entrepreneur or small business owner, the last thing you want to do is spend time spinning your wheels—instead, you want to be moving forward. Life and work activities can become scattered and meaningless if you’re not on guard to maintain focus. Some seemingly urgent activities are merely distractions from your real goals, slowing you down. Here’s how to truly focus, making sure your actions are effective and making the best use of your valuable time.

Focus on these keys to success:

  • Principles – Establish company (and life) principles and articulate a mission. Your mission makes your business unique and helps you stand out amongst the competition. It also unifies the staff around achieving the mission and working toward a goal they can take pride in.
  • Meaning – Find the greater meaning in every task. Make sure your employees  (or family/significant other in your non-business life) understand how the work you delegate relates to your mission and overarching company goals. Knowing exactly why their tasks are important, and how their actions contribute to achieving the company mission, makes the effort worthwhile. It also increases focus, and encourages teamwork and wins loyalty.
  • Effectiveness – Check alignment of tasks with goals. Make a list of your daily tasks for tomorrow. Then, check them against your overall goals. Now, move to the top of the list of those that most impact your goal. Postpone the lower priority items. Delegate anything that doesn’t require your personal attention. And cross off the remainder, which may never need to be done, if they’re not advancing your mission or helping you reach your goals.     

Use the above focus factors to guide you, helping you to set business priorities, schedule your activities and guide you to wise decisions. When you need Fast Commercial Money, we’re the best source. Focus on the action–and contact us today.