If you’ve got a terrific new business idea and you’re unsure how to bring it to reality, you’re like many other would-be entrepreneurs who never get past the brainstorming stage. To get your company up and running, you need to conduct some research, create a plan, and obtain funding. Here are some essential steps to take to turn your idea into a viable and successful business.

Focus on the Details

To come up with a practical application for your business idea, focus on what problem it solves and who this solution would most benefit. Consider whether you would be offering a product, service, or both, and approximately how much these offerings would cost. When you know the specifics of what you are selling, you will be able to determine your target audience and work out the demographics of your ideal customer.

Research Your Target Audience

Your next step is to communicate directly with potential customers. Find out if they are interested in the products or services you would offer, how much they would be willing to pay for them, and what they are currently using to meet the need that your company would attempt to satisfy. Consider sending out a survey to gather suggestions and feedback.

Assess the Competition

It’s inevitable that there are already similar businesses to the one that you are planning to startup. This is not necessarily a drawback to your business idea. In fact, it proves that a market exists for your product or service. Research your potential competition, and find out what they sell, how they market it, and how your proposed offerings are different. Consider how you can improve upon the deficiencies in the products or services of your competitors.

Consider Financing

It takes a considerable amount of money to get a business up and running. Consider your financing options and decide whether you’ll attempt to take out a loan, approach investors, or take a more non-traditional approach such as a Kickstarter campaign.

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