If you don’t think work creativity matters much in the office or the workplace, think for a moment about how much more productive people might be if they could address their daily tasks without having them feel like drudgery. Many people who do the same thing day after day, week in and week out, can easily lose motivation and have their productivity begin to fail.

By taking a creative approach to accomplishing tasks in the workplace, you can keep your employees much more motivated, and much more productive.

How to foster creativity in the workplace

There are two main methods for fostering work creativity at your company, by using creative thinking and creative problem-solving. Coming up with unique ideas is what creative thinking is all about, and if you apply that to task accomplishment or project accomplishment, you’d be surprised at the excitement and the motivation it instills among your employees.

When you ask your employees to use work creativity for problem-solving, you are encouraging them to find ways of accomplishing tasks or addressing issues using methods or approaches which they have not made use of in the past. Both creative thinking and creative problem-solving call for employees to do things a little bit differently, and that fact alone can kill the drudgery aspect of their daily routine.

If you get your employees in the habit of being more innovative in the workplace and using work creativity, they will find things much more interesting every day, and that is quite likely to result in an increase in office productivity.

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