Whether you need to travel for business often or infrequently, preparing for a trip doesn’t come naturally to everyone. This is especially true for young professionals who haven’t had to travel for business in the past. We hope the tried-and-true business travel tips we share below will be helpful the next time you need to fly.

Forget About Checking Luggage

With some careful packing, you can get enough clothes into a carry-on to last for a full week of business travel. This is a much more convenient travel option because you don’t have to worry about inconveniencing others in your travel party waiting to retrieve your luggage. It also saves you from the possibility of dealing with the airlines losing your luggage.

Sign Up for as Many Loyalty Programs as Possible

The travel industry loves business professionals and wants to keep them happy. Many airlines, hotels, car rental services, and other typical travel-related businesses offer loyalty programs that allow you to claim a specific benefit once you reach a certain number of points. Some of the most typical loyalty program payouts include a free upgrade to a larger seat, a free airline trip, and a free hotel room or upgrade.

Remember Your Portable Chargers

There’s nothing worse than reaching for your phone to make a call from the airport and realizing that the battery has drained because you forgot to bring a charger. The same is true when you pay for in-flight wi-fi and have little to no battery life left in your laptop computer. The benefit of a portable charger is that is preventing you from having to search for a plug-in charging station that you may never find.

Luggage on Wheels

It can be a long haul to your airline gate, a walk that will feel much more uncomfortable when carrying a heavy suitcase. Your back will thank you for following one of the most basic business travel tips of all.

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