As an entrepreneur, you should be focusing on maintaining strong, steady cash flow to help your business succeed and grow. If your company cash flow is weak and erratic, you may be forced to shut it down, while sound cash flow can enable it to prosper. Here are some strategies on how you can improve the cash flow for your company.

Have a Strong Debt Collection Strategy

Although you always want to remain on good terms with your clients, at the same time you should make it clear that you need to be paid on time. This starts as soon as you have finished delivering products or performing services. Sending your invoices out right away shortens the time between completion of work and receipt of payment. Your company’s payment terms should be clearly delineated on the invoice. Follow up promptly on late-paying customers.

Market Aggressively

Sales bolster cash inflow. To increase sales, improve your marketing efforts. Be particularly aggressive during seasons when demand increases. Make your campaigns more effective by taking advantage of the wealth of marketing tools available on the internet.

Hold On to Your Cash

Although it’s imperative to pay your bills on time to keep your credit score healthy, there’s no need to pay them early. Instead, keep your cash in company accounts until bills are due. In this way, the funds remain on hand for unexpected emergencies. If you’re having a particularly difficult struggle with cash flow, negotiate with your vendors for better payment terms.

Forecast Your Finances

Creating a forecast of your anticipated cash flow on a monthly and yearly basis allows you to foresee upcoming trends. If the forecast projects a strong cash flow, you can make plans for further growth and expansion. If the forecast indicates lean times ahead, you can make appropriate contingency plans.

Take Out a Loan

Sometimes business can be booming, but your company still may be strapped for cash. For instance, you may have just received a large order that you need additional equipment and supplies to fulfill, or you may be coming into peak season and find yourself short of inventory. Under these circumstances, a loan may be just what you need to boost your cash flow and see you through to prosperity.

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