A business plan is an essential document for every business. Here’s a breakdown of what goes into your business plan.

  • Cover page and table of contents 
    Do this page last when you have all the information ready. Put your name and logo on the cover page. A table of contents helps you stay organized.
  • Executive summary 
    This section of the business plan is essentially a summary of the entire plan with the addition of your mission statement. You might want to wait until you’ve completed the rest of the information before trying to summarize it. Keep this section short.
  • Company information
    Describe your company’s location, products, and services. List key people who are helping you build your organization, along with their relevance and education. You may even want to include a history of how you came up with your company.
  • Market analysis 
    Describe your industry and marketplace in your community. Who is your customer? Who are your competitors?
  • Business goals 
    Describe why you need funding and why that particular funding is right for your business. Project future sales and how you will repay your loan.
  • Organization and structure of your company 
    What type of company are you? Who is on your board of directors, if you have one? What responsibilities does each job position have?
  • Products and services 
    Provide details about what you are selling. How do your products fill a need? What is the cost and how does that compare to your competitors?
  • Marketing plan 
    Lay out your sales plan. How will your company be different?
  • Financial projections and needs 
    Lay out your income statements, cash flow, and balance sheets to project one to five years into the future. Know what you need in funding.

Don’t put your business plan in a drawer. Refer to it and update it as you learn more about your industry. Contact Fast Commercial Money for financing options to make your business plan a reality.