When interacting with prospective clients it is vital to know the right questions to ask so that you can better meet the need of the future customer and earn their business. Here are several questions you should ask your prospective clients.

What Do You Need?

It’s important to find out exactly what a prospective client needs so that your end goal meets their needs. Along with this question is discovering what they don’t need so that neither party wastes time on unnecessary services and products.

What Are Your Most Pressing Problems?

This question addresses underlying issues behind the prospective client’s needs. It will reveal if what they think they need is actually what they need, or if in reality, a different solution would address their problems.

Are You the Decision-Maker for this Project?

When you are working with a prospective client you want to make sure you are speaking with the decision-maker for the project. If the person with whom you are communicating is not able to make decisions and move forward you are both wasting your time. Take your proposal directly to the personnel who have decision-making power.

What Is the Approval Process?

Knowing ahead of time what you need to do to secure a contract is vital to your planning purposes and efforts. Finding out the approval process and what will be needed will save time later and avoid surprises and frustrations toward the end of the process.

What Do You Expect of My Business?

Keeping the prospective client’s expectations at the forefront of your interactions will also help avoid frustration and not meeting expectations. Discussing details such as risks, up-front costs, variable costs, timelines, and anything else related to your business and the process will alleviate the loss of a potential client.

While there are other questions to ask during business meetings concerning budget and timeline, for example, these are some of the most important questions to address.

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